elephant parade

Posted by on Aug 26 2013

Dana Point hosted the Elephant Parade for the first time in the USA. How lucky we were to be able to see these beautiful art pieces. As I’m Asian and have always adored elephants, we had to go support the event. Sunday afternoon was quite busy for making images that I really had in mind, so my wife and I went back the next morning around 6:00am to make these images. What a soothing experience it was to be among these sculptures early in the morning, undisturbed by other humans, save the curious security patrol and few surfers. Enjoy!

From the Dana Point Elephant Parade 2013

She needs your support. In fact, a whole species does. Asian elephants are on the verge of extinction, and the commitment for their preservation started with special elephant known as Mosha. After stepping on an abandoned land mine, Mosha was fit with the world¹s first-ever prosthesis for a baby elephant. Her powerful strides inspired father and son duo, Mike and Marc Spits, to create Elephant Parade®in 2006. As a socially-conscious business enterprise, Elephant Parade has since rapidly grown from a grassroots movement into a global crusade combining a powerful mix of corporate, celebrity and community support. Through the sale of merchandise and auction of the original art pieces, the exhibition has raised over $6 million dollars to help support the world¹s most majestic land mammals and raise global awareness of issues affecting their dramatic plight.

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a little nostalgia

Posted by on Aug 26 2013

I love candles and beautiful shapes. This is a long candelabra stand I found in an antique thrift store. It’s a wonderful piece or art, so I decide to buy it for my wife. One afternoon as I walked into my family room I saw the stand against a beautiful soft light. I couldn’t help but remember my early days of enjoying the afternoon sun in our veranda in Nepal. Everything surrounded by the shadows of the light had a certain calm glow about them. I felt that again when I saw this stand that afternoon, thus I decide to make these images.

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