Footprints Of Waves

Posted by on Jul 01 2017, in black and white photography, landscape

This photographic artwork is part of a series exploring the present moment. Here I have made an attempt to experience the present moment while observing the ocean waves and their relationship with the sand.

A wave rises and falls. As it recedes back into the ocean it leaves behind, for a fleeting moment, footprints on the sand that remain overlooked as we are mesmerized by the majesty of the bigger waves. Each image captures a moment that is unique to the one that experiences that moment, thus the white border that is around each of the images. One viewer may perceive an image of mountains, while the other may see details of a desert scene in the same image. Which perception is “real”? Which one is the objective reality? Is it both? Is it neither? Can it be both and neither? Is there a reality in the moment beyond the one that we perceive? These are the questions I want the viewer to reflect upon while engaging with the images.

As you look at the images I invite you to stay still, stay present with the image. With each passing moment, the shapes could shift, the values may change, you may see new projections of your mind in the image. This observation is a reminder there are only present moments to our experience of reality, and each of those moments is in a constant state of change. One cannot hold on to the moments, one can only let go.

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